How to Dress for Success

You finally received that coveted call back after the dozens of resumes you have sent out, and for a position that sounds perfect for you! You did well on the phone interview and you have been invited for an interview. What should you wear to that eagerly anticipated interview? You should be doing research on the company anyway so that you can ask insightful questions and dazzle them with your brilliance, so why not look up their culture and the image they project? Rule of thumb for interviewing: Dress 1 step above the typical attire expected of employees.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on an outfit. There are many discount stores that carry great clothes at bargain prices. Make sure your attire is professional. No leggings, jeggings or low-cut blouses. No pajamas (and yes, I have had applicants come to an interview in PJs, slippers and uncombed hair), no shorts, no gym attire, no Birkenstocks and no flip-flops, unless you are applying at surfboard rental stand on a beach. The old adage that “clothes make the man” (and woman), is a truism in business. Suits, slacks, dress shirts and ties for men and slacks, skirts, dresses and suits for women are considered business attire. Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes pressed and pet-hair free, and that your personal hygiene is impeccable. Looking the part can help instill you with the confidence you need in an interview.

Green fingernails, purple hair, heavy make-up, facial piercings and tattoos are great in your personal life, but might not convey the right look for the business in which you are seeking a job. Do your homework and see if there is a company dress code. If the dress code isn’t published, it is implied in the attire worn by employees on the website. Dress accordingly, and the first impression you make when you walk in the door will be a positive one!

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